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The Text Robot
saves up to 75% of working hours.

Better content for people and search engines.

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Do you know what
“speed rating Q” means?

Topic: Car tyres
Tyre type: Winter
Speed rating: Q
Load index: 75

Our Text Robot transforms plain data into informative texts:

“These winters tyres have a Q speed rating, which means you can easily drive at speeds of up to 160 km/h. Thanks to the load index of 75, it can carry a weight of 387 kg per tyre.”

Writing content manually is

… complicated, extremely error-prone,
incredibly time-consuming,
expensive and not scalable.

Writing content manually is

… complicated, extremely error-prone,
incredibly time-consuming,
expensive and not scalable.

Generate, Modify and Update your texts with just a click of your mouse. You can even generate multiple versions of a text in varying lengths for a single topic – informative, unique and SEO relevant.

Bot or Not – can you tell which is the Text Robot?

One of these texts was created by our Text Robot, the other was written by an experienced editor.

Suspense right up to the end: Revolverheld wins the title!

As expected, Revolverheld wins the Bundesvision Song Contest 2014. The music contest, hosted by Stefan Raab, took place on September 19, 2014 at the Lokhalle in Göttingen, Lower Saxony.

The pop/rock band received the most viewer votes by far for the performance of their song “Lass uns gehen”. For winning the contest, Revolverheld are automatically qualified to participate in the Bundesvision Song Contest 2015.

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This text was created by our Text Robot.

Revolverheld wins the title for Bremen

The band Revolverheld has won the tenth “Bundesvision Song Contest”. The musicians won with their song “Lass uns gehen” and a complex stage show, scoring the most points. The second place was won by Jupiter Jones (Rhineland-Palatinate), third place went to Teesy (Saxony-Anhalt).

For the tenth time, Stefan Raab had performers from all 16 German federal states compete against each other.

Some of the other contestants were: Max Mutzke, Marteria, and Andreas Bourani. Since Bosse won the title for Lower Saxony last year, the show was broadcasted from the Lokhalle in Göttingen.

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This text was written by an editor.

The Text Robot will fit well into your team and will take over many time-consuming tasks.

What the Text Robot can do for you

Better content for people & search engines

It lives in the Cloud and uses your data to produce informative descriptions, intriguing comparisons, SEO relevant reports, personalised newsletters and so much more. This all happens at breakneck speed, it’s always error-free and in your preferred linguistic style. The Text Robot also works after hours and on weekends! Content can be produced in up to 26 languages and from just 8 cents per text – a fraction of the cost for manual copywriting. The Text Robot saves you up to 75 % of working hours.

Ideal for e-commerce & B2B product distribution –
and more! 

Our Text Robot specialises in product descriptions and category specific content. It finds valuable information in the product features to create unique and informative content. The more products you have, the more cost efficient the Text Robot. Other industries can also benefit from the Text Robot. All you need is data, we’ll show you how! 

Unique, error-free & legally compliant content

The Text Robot doesn’t just write content, it also creates multiple, unique variations for each text. This means you can also set the length for different output channels. The Text Robot comes with its own proofreader, copy editor and legal consultant – its texts are always error-free and created according to your specifications and legal requirements.

Or book a meeting with us for a private online demo. We’ll show you how automated text generation works – free of charge.


Texts are created at breakneck speed at any desired length and in many variations. With the click of a button they are updated according to new data – at any time, without staff shortages and without the need to write content manually.


Do your products require special legal information? The Text Robot will integrate it according to your specifications, while at the same time avoiding spelling errors and careless mistakes.

More Relevant

Your texts will have increased readability and be more informative for people, with increased relevance in search engine rankings (SEO). The Text Robot has the expertise for this already built-in.


When you’re ready to expand, the Text Robot can generate your content in up to 26 languages – always quality assured and localised to the specific market in each country.


The Text Robot can also optimally scale massive online shops. Over 500 000 products can be produced with sales-boosting texts and standardised product details simultaneously.


The Text Robot starts working from just 8 cents per text! We’ll guide you through each step and give you details about when you can expect to break-even, as well as info on your return on investment.

Or book a Text Robot package directly. We’ll guide you through the process with one of our onboarding options.

More than just e-commerce

The Text Robot is a multi-talented machine that composes product descriptions, reports, analysis, comparisons & recommendations, personalised e-mails, news, such as sports reports, and horoscopes. It also enjoys writing about the weather and many other content projects.

Before the Text Robot is fully deployed, we’ll guide you step by step through the process and take over any stages you’d like us to handle.

uNaice finds solutions for the simplification and automation of business tasks. Our motivation for this came from our own need for better tools. We’ve achieved our goals and want to help you with our knowledge of improved processes and expanded control.

The Technology

Your source data & its preparation

In order for the Text Robot to know exactly what it should write about, it needs input. The more detailed and structured the data is, the more informative and readable the texts can be. Databases, spreadsheets, CSV files or existing product texts can all be used as possible data sources. To ensure your data can be turned into a standardised format, we will offer you the most suitable solutions directly.

Simple & speedy integration

The integration in to your website happens without complex installation processes or handovers. Your IT department won’t be overrun with work – an API interface is all we need.

Could your data use some improvements?
Well, we’ve also got a solution for that!

Structured product data is at the core of the Text Robot and its quality guarantee. The manual maintenance of thousands of product data is however extremely complicated and time-consuming. So we’re here to offer our support! With our automated software solutions your raw data will become a neatly ordered information source. We use an ontology – a machine learning technique. We not only prepare you for the Text Robot, but also for technological leaps forward in the near future, such as chatbots, smart assistants and intelligent product recommendations.

The Text Robot in use


Increase in sales


Reduced bounce rate


Visitor gain

Case Study: Cencosud

By switching over to automated text generation and optimising their product categories, Cencosud reached an increase in sales of 101%.

Case Study: home24

Three additional languages were implemented in just 8 weeks – market entry accelerated and conversion rates increased by 21%


Higher conversion rates


Increased content production


Time saved for translations

“The automatic text generation for individual items makes it possible to optimally and dynamically provide our product range of about 25 000 wines with content. This not only allowed us to increase our conversion rates, but also led to massive improvements in our SEO performance.”

Johannes Klaiber

Marketing Manager, Flaschenpost Services AG

“Previously, we had so many products on our site that lacked description texts, with uNaice we could give them all in-depth product descriptions. uNaice showed incredible versatility for the incorporation in the B2B segment.”

Marion Wilken

Digital Marketing Manager E-Business, Hagemeyer Deutschland GmbH & Co KG

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