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Overview of current customer projects
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uNaice is a Gold Solution Partner of AX-Semantics and collaborates with numerous first class technology providers.

These companies have already used our Text Robot

to digitalise their content production.

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The automatic text generation for individual items makes it possible to optimally and dynamically provide our product range of about 25 000 wines with content.

This not only allowed us to increase our conversion rates, but also led to massive improvements in our SEO performance.”

Johannes Klaiber

Marketing Manager, Flaschenpost Services AG

“uNaice was a great guide throughout the process, they quickly understood what we needed and implemented it with precision. What we wanted is exactly what we got. Thank you!”

Axel Burkert

Contract director for Digital Media, Alfons W. Gentner Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

These companies post the most current and relevant articles

on their websites using our News Stream technology.

“uNaice opened the gateway to the topic of auto content and semantic concepts, with ease and flexibility. We look forward to continue working together in the future.”

Stefan Klein

Consultant, Red Cup GmbH

Companies who have already booked us as a Chief Digital Officer (Rent a CDO).

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start!up-consulting Andreas Herzog

“uNaice has extensive knowledge of processes and how they can be implemented in companies with modern tools to digitally reduce workloads.

The workshop “Rent-a-CDO” was definitely worth it for me and my company. Their knowledge was well communicated and they did not just implement the tools, but also promptly trained us on how to use them.


Andreas Herzog

Director, start!up consulting GmbH



“We are Process Optimisers, efficient and well-organised, but we have since learned so much more about how to improve. In the workshop we simplified our processes by transferring them to the digital world. I had been searching for something like this for a very long time. It’s the basis for automatic company development, as well as cost reduction in the long run. It was brilliant!”

Doris Paulus

Director, Paulus Lager GmbH

“The know-how was very impressive, as well as the structured and professional implementation of the digitalisation project.

uNaice didn’t just show us a brand new way of doing things, they also actively guided us through the entire implementation process.”

Alexander Petsch

Director, boerding messe GmbH & Co KG

“Overall it was a very innovative and constructive workshop. Everything we learned and implemented is at the forefront of technology!
uNaice completely redesigned our operational processes with practical support and tremendous professional expertise.

We now work significantly more effectively and the team is 100% motivated.”

Miguel Rodriguez

Chief Procurement Officer, SYNAXON AG

Westaflex Group
“These workshop modules are inspirational and refreshing at the same time. They gave us the capability to rebuild our organisation in flexible ways concerning information and communication, while simultaneously enriching the expectations about workplace satisfaction of young talent and veteran employees alike. The collaboration was simply exceptional – we definitely recommend it!!”

Jan Westerbarkey

CEO, Westaflex Group

“The digitalisation project was conducted cleanly and precisely during the workshops. We are very happy with uNaice and enjoyed working with Christian Meyer and Andreas Wenninger.

We are more than happy to recommend their offer for the digitalisation of company processes.”

Jörg Schüler

Owner, Jörg Schüler Coaching | Consulting

“Rent a CDO – a worthwhile service from uNaice, thanks to which we could automate our processes. During the two-day workshop Andreas Wenninger worked together with us to create a beneficial framework, with which we continue to work to this day. His wealth of knowledge regarding modern systems, their usage and automated processes was complete gold for us. “

Hanne Kaup

Team Manager, SYNAXON AG


“An unbelievably fascinating workshop, thank you so much!

Awesome input that we’ll be able to use every day.

Can’t wait …”

Claudia Raben

Assistant to the board of directors, modern times GmbH



“High information density from someone who has the credibility and experience.

We were very happy with the results.”




Director, SEMKNOX GmbH


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