The text robot
saves up to 75 working time.

Have your texts written at the touch of a button.

Already fully on the topic? Then have a proof of concept tailored. We will show you exactly what is possible with your data.

Do you know what
“Speed Index Q” means?

Topic: Tires
Type of tyre: Winter
Speed Index: Q
Load Capacity Index: 75

Our text robot transforms dry data into informative texts:

“These winter tyres with the speed index Q can be safely driven up to a speed of 160 km/h. Thanks to the load capacity index of 75, they can withstand 387 kg per wheel.”

Writing texts manually is

… elaborate, highly error-prone,
eerily time-consuming,
very expensive and not scalable.

Writing texts manually is

… elaborate, highly error-prone,
eerily time-consuming,
very expensive and not scalable.

Bot or Not – do you recognize the text robot?

One of these two texts was written by our text robot, the other by an experienced editor.

Petite Arvine Réserve AOC

One can describe the landscape of Valais with such words as hilly or mountainous. However, the Swiss winery Histoire d’Enfer tries to express the beauty of its homeland with this white wine. We think they have succeeded!

Its bright green yellow ensures a good mood at the table. This color is not found in any color catalog. Slender body and distinctive acidity result in the white wine, which shows a lot of character and class in the mouth. The Petite Arvine gives this wine its individual character. The fruity accents of black cherry ensure the fruity taste.

We recommend: Blends excellently with toast hawaii, fried chicken and fondue.

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This text was written by our text robot.
Petite Arvine Réserve AOC

A hilly landscape is what makes the Valais. The Swiss winery Histoire d’Enfer has made it its mission to express the beauty of the region in a white wine. They have certainly succeeded in doing so!

The sparkling green yellow is simply fun – an incomparable colour that no other wine can imitate. The white wine is characterized by a slender body and a distinctive acidity, which gives the drop character and class. The Petite Arvine variety provides the individual character of the wine. The aroma of black cherries makes up the fruity taste.

We recommend: Fits perfectly with toast hawaii, fried chicken and fondue.

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This text was written by an editor.

Would you like to see real texts from real projects?

Here we have compiled text examples including data input on furniture, bags, football shoes, wines, clothing, computers, restaurant and many other categories for you. Nothing convinces anymore!

The text robot fits into your team. He takes a lot of work away from you.

What the text robot offers you

Better texts for human & search engine

It lives in the cloud and produces informative descriptions, exciting comparisons, SEO-relevant reports, personalized newsletters and much more based on your data. This happens at a fast pace, always error-free and in your language style. The text robot also writes after work and at the weekend! Texts are produced in up to 26 languages and from 8 cents per text – a fraction of the cost of manual copy writing. The text robot saves you up to 75%working time.

Ideal for E-Commerce & B2B Product Sales –
but not only!

Our text robot specializes in product descriptions and category texting. Here he finds massive input for unique and informative texts in the product properties: the more products, the more cost-effective the text robot writes. Other industries can also benefit from the text robot. All you need is data. We’ll show you how to do it!

Unique, error-free & legally secure content

The text robot not only writes a text, but formulates every input in infinite, always unique variations. You determine the length for different output channels. The text robot brings its own editor, final editor and legal consultant: its texts are always error-free and legally secure in accordance with your specifications and legal conventions.


Texts are quickly created in any lengths and variations and updated at the touch of a button with new data – even overnight, without staff shortages and the effort of manual texting.


Do your products need special legal notices? The text robot inserts them according to your specifications. And by the way, you also say goodbye to spelling and ephemeral errors.


Your texts become more readable and informative for people, while the relevance in the search engine rating increases (SEO). The text robot brings the expertise for this right away.


On request, the text robot can create texts for you in up to 110 languages – always quality-assured and adapted to the respective national market.


The text robot also scales huge online shops optimally. 500,000 products can be provided with high-sales texts and standardised product information at the same time.


The text robot writes from as early as 8 cents per text! We accompany you at every step and give you information about the expected break-even and return-on-investment.

Or start directly with a proof of concept. We show you automated texting with your own data.

More than just e-commerce

The text robot is multi-talented and writes product descriptions, reports, analyses, comparisons & recommendations, personal emails, news as well as sports reports and horoscopes. He also likes to write about the weather and much more.

Until the text robot is in use, we accompany you and optionally take all steps from you.

uNaice finds solutions for simplifying and automating business tasks. Our drive was our own need for better tools. Today we have reached this goal and help you with our knowledge to better processes and more control.

The technology

Your source data & processing

In order for the text robot to know what to write about, it needs input. The more detailed and structured this data is, the more informative and readable the texts become. Databases, tables, CSV files, or existing product texts can serve as sources. In order to bring your data into a uniform form, we offer you the right solutions directly.

Easy & Fast Integration

The integration into your website takes place without complex installations and conversions. Your IT department is not needed – an API/interface is enough for us.

Or make an appointment for a personal online demo. We’ll show you for free how automatic text generation works.

Your data could be better?
We have a solution for this too!

Structured product data is the drive and quality guarantee of the text robot. However, maintaining thousands of product data manually is very expensive. Here we are at your side! With our automated software solutions, your raw data becomes a cleanly ordered source of information again. We rely on ontology – a method of machine learning. We will not only make you ready for the text robot, but also for the technological leaps of the near future, such as chatbots, smart assistants and smart product recommendations, you are well prepared.

The text robot in use


Increase in sales


Reduced Bounce Rate


Visitor gain

Case Study: Cencosud

By switching to automated text creation and optimizing product categories, sales increased by 101%.

Case Study: home24

Three more languages were implemented in just eight weeks, market entry accelerated and the conversion rate increased by 21.


Higher conversion rate


Increase in text production


Time savings for translations

“Text robots
are the future in e-commerce.”
Patrick Zackert

Productmanager E-Commerce, OTTO

“The automatic texting of articles makes it possible to enrich our range of around 25,000 wines dynamically and optimally with content. This not only enabled us to increase our conversion rate, but also to make massive progress in our SEO performance.”
Johannes Klaiber

Marketing, Flaschenpost Services AG

“With uNaice we were able to equip many products that were previously placed on the page without description text with detailed descriptions. uNaice has shown great flexibility in its incorporation into the B2B segment.”
Marion Wilken

Digital Marketing Manager E-Business, Hagemeyer Deutschland GmbH & Co KG

You don’t want to buy the “cat in the bag”? Start with a proof of concept and achieve these goals:

  • You know how well your data is appropriate.
  • You will learn how extensively the text creation is possible.
  • You get a text concept from us – basis for later programming.
  • You will receive a personal sample text, created from your data.
  • You will receive a clear offer for the implementation of the programming by us.

Your Proof of Concept

Uncertain whether texts can be created automatically for your project? Then start with a proof of concept. This shows you what is possible with your data! This gives you security for a decision-making basis and has already created the basis for a later implementation.


In a detailed data analysis, we check your data for technical suitability and structure.

Data maintenance note

If necessary, you will receive instructions on how to maintain your data.

Text concept

We create your personal text concept. This is also a template for programming the text robot.

Sample text

You will receive a sample text based on your data and a text briefing. Nothing is more convincing!


You will receive a tailor-made offer for a subsequent implementation of the programming of the text robot by uNaice.

Proof of Concept XL

The second step for people who want more.
  • Start the second round of automated texting. We are converting a product category or some contiguous product clusters to automatic texting.

  • Requires the previous execution of the normal proof of concepts.
  • 1. Integration of your product data We create an AX Semantics license for you and upload your data already analyzed in the previous POC. Alternatively, your IT sets up the API. Result: Your data is connected to the platform and can be easily updated and customized via upload.
  • 2. Detailed text briefing Together with you, we define the product category / product cluster and choose which one should be texted. You will also receive an online questionnaire with a detailed text briefing. This means that we understand the requirements for the texts.
  • 3. Pricefine tuning Based on the data belonging to the selected product categories or product clusters and in reflection on your text briefing, we create a specified fine offer for the POC XL.
  • 4. Personal text concept After the release of the fine offer and your assignment, the POC XL project begins and we create your personal text concept. Result: The text concept, which is coordinated with you, is the basis for your personal and individual texting and at the same time a template for programming the text robot.
  • 5. Live operation For all articles belonging to the product category or the product cluster, you will now receive the texts delivered via download or API, directly to your system instance.

  • We will pay you the fee for the software license during the term of the proof of concept.

We offer a comprehensive onboarding!

You have the time and resources, then we will show you and your team how you can integrate the text robot into your company.




per month
Monthly Billing & Terminability

per month
Monthly Billing & Terminability

per month
Yearly Settlement & Terminability

All the basics for businesses that are just getting started.

Must-have features for businesses to get added support.

Multi-User plan for growing team and demand.

Real-time editing and preview in your browser

Unlimited Texts

Free text refresh - update your content any time your data change

choose from 110 languages

Support by our team

interactive eLearning


10.000 characters (~4 pages)

Team plan

1 user

1 user

up to 3 users

Data Points / records / SKUs




Data Points / records / SKUs with annual commitment


Active Projects




Named customer success agent

VIP service: preferred support & help desk access

Publishing Workflow

Multi- and cross-language generation in 2 languages per project

Assisted Migrations for Yseop, Narrative Science, Arria, Automated Insights, and Retresco

Optionally available: Onboarding XL


In a personal training course, you will learn about the skills of the text robot under the guidance of an uNaice expert. We will show you how to optimally structure your data yourself as well as to create a text concept, rules and sentence templates.

Advanced Self-Made Plans





per month
Yearly Settlement & Terminability

per month
Yearly Settlement & Terminability

per month
Yearly Settlement & Terminability

per month
Yearly Settlement & Terminability

Advanced features for pros who need more volume.

Advanced features business that have real-time use.

Global visibility with more languages projects.

Scale internally with more use-cases.

includes all Editor Pro Features plus:

Special Feature

20.000 data points / records / SKUs

real-time production

10 languages per project

10 active projects

Text refresh

free text refresh

SLA'ed production

free text refresh

free text refresh

Unlimited Texts

for all languages

Going-Live Support

with SEO/Content Experience Consulting

with Workflow- and Integration Consulting

with Translation process coaching

with Workflow- and Integration Consulting

Optionally available: Onboarding XL


In a personal training course, you will learn about the skills of the text robot under the guidance of an uNaice expert. We will show you how to optimally structure your data yourself as well as to create a text concept, rules and sentence templates.


Ask us for pricing

Most honest pricing on the market: one price – one company – unlimited size. No hidden license surprises.

Unlimited text volume, unlimited users, unlimited active projects, unlimited Choices from all 110 Languages, unlimited real-time production, unlimited viewers, Service Level Agreement (SLA), Business Associate Agreement for sensitive Data (HIPAA/PHI level), on-premise / private cloud optional

Do you have any questions? We are here for you!

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