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With our on-site practice workshops, we enable you to position data-driven and automated processes and workflows and get started with live sales. Take advantage of digitalisation and discover the work 4.0 with us!

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What is your conversion rate? How much does a lead cost? How much time eludes between first contact and lead? How many days does your Customer Journey take to complete?

If you lack answers to these questions, you probably lack the right software!

Benefit from our experience

We wanted control over learning from every step of our customer journey. Every open question should be answered and no ambiguities left – the end of the black box and absolute transparency.
We work without an IT department, minimise our risk and pour all processes into software. Everyone is allowed to participate – directly and without a paralysing ticket system.

Tracking and tracing supports us in our strategies: What does the customer do? We can answer this question at any time and meet the customer’s needs before they tell it to us or sometimes even suspect it themselves.
Our new toolbox consists of highly specialised, easy-to-use cloud software,which has increased our productivity, leads and conversions. You can do that, too – we will help you!

What we do for you …

As part of a 2-day workshop. we will build a parallel new workflow that will inspire your sales process.

  • view and analyse your existing workflow
  • we will illustrate of the sales process in new software, based on our tool competence.
  • clearly define leads and conversions, including all relevant key figures.
  • we will develope complete transparency and traceability of the new workflow.
  • The most important thing: We will leave you ready to go.

Status Quo

Frustrated employees feed systems whose input no one is interested in and whose output does not add value.

Employee hours/month only for creating reports and presentations


of executives say they think presentations are boring

Stop the terror with sly all-round software packages!

Do you really use all the features of your huge business suite? Is there sometimes a lack of overview and over-demand? Then you can now escape the eternal loop, in which everything always ends up in an Excel spreadsheet. We will put you on the right track!

Digitalisation – but the right way!

Digitalisation can no longer be achieved only by large corporations! Today, digital transformation no longer has to go hand in hand with mammoth projects, long implementation times and an enormous budget! Digitalisation can always start on a small scale and be expanded for every process and achieve great impact.

In sales, we have already digitized processes many times. Here, economies of scale are particularly visible at an early stage through a wide range of possibilities for automation – success can be quickly achieved, the process gains transparency.

Get us on board temporarily – together we will build your digital expertise.

Modern tools make the difference

Fully automatic address maintenance

Finding the right contact person and keeping you up-to-date can be a full-time job – even for a Sherlock Holmes! Say goodbye to that! The digitalisation of data maintenance through specialised tools not only searches for the right person within a company according to your criteria, but also keeps all contact details up-to-date with publicly available entries – so that you can focus on your soft skills!

Smart statistics that provide answers

To put data manually into tables and then think long about the form of a suitable visualisation is working time that could be more productive and meaningful? Then simply pass the aggregation of this data to your pipeline management tool. It forms the interface of all information cycles and transforms every complex data stream into clear key figures full of unimagined, valuable insights.

Transparent acquisition with rear channel

End the black box principle and the blind flight for sent mailings. Your information material should trigger love at first sight and provide a back channel for insights on the way to this state. Instead of sending huge mail attachments, your materials are centrally stored in the cloud and are not accessible and correctable at any time – they also provide detailed metrics about the duration, frequency and way your target group views.

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Our seven dogmas

  1. Access from anywhere – Tools run in the cloud or browser
  2. User-friendliness before features – Tools must be clear and understandable. Variety of functions must be left behind in case of doubt when comprehensibility suffers.
  3. Without API, nothing works – software must provide good connectivity and high configuration capability
  4. A login for everything – All accesses to the toolset are possible via Google Single Sign-On
  5. No dependency – Tools must be interchangeable within 48 hours (incl. root & motion data)
  6. GDPR compliant – Every tool must be legally secure in terms of data protection
  7. No separate IT department – maintenance and application must not be separate, customisations need to be possible at any time

Example of a new sales process

Building the new process

We structure your sales process with state-of-the-art working tools and without Excel spreadsheets! The heart is your new pipeline manager – around it we create a powerful workflow with new software from our toolbox:

According to your target group specifications, contact persons of potential companies should be automatically aggregated and written to by e-mail. If the information material sent is sufficiently closely considered, a second contact should be made. If the lead is generated clearly and unambiguously according to the new specifications, it is re-enclosed by telephone contact.

The new toolset – tailor-made for you

Hunter and Clearbit do the automatic contact maintenance via Google GSuite or GMail. They are looking for new and update existing addresses of appropriately defined, appropriate business partners. The contact details end up in Pipedrive and can be contacted by e-mail from here. Minerics manages the information material and reports its usage statistics on Leadfeeder. The process can be repeated at optimal thresholds. If all metrics meet the defined specifications of a lead, you can see this clearly in Pipedrive. Placetel, finally, is used for personal contact by telephone.

In practice, it’s just a few mouse clicks

This is what your practice looks like in the new process. Pipedrive merges addresses, emails, and the reporting of the connected tools. Information about retrievals and service life provide you with transparent key figures for a comprehensible lead generation without blind flight and guesswork. This is how digitalisation is fun!

We accompany you into the future and save you time and money!

uNaice finds and offers solutions for process optimisation, automatic text creation, data preparation and automation. Our drive is our own endeavor for better tools and optimized approaches for our daily work. With us, you avoid detours towards digitalisation and bring years of expertise and know-how into your own company. Let yourself be inspired by Work 4.0!

You can achieve these goals with us

Save time

By automating and linking new tools, they save valuable working time every day and give your employees more freedom and security in handling your tasks.


New problems require new solutions and can be addressed at any time by adapting existing tools or integrating new ones.


Get control of your workflows back into your own operations and get away from generalizing and expensive software monsters.

Future security

The maintenance of your software and its interfaces is done automatically. The input, processing and output of your tools are always up-to-date with the latest technical possibilities.


Your processes, your metrics, your leads – we not only accelerate your business, we help you to a whole new level of understandable metrics to evaluate your process paths.



We always have a Plan B: The tools we propose are always open in your data structure and can be exchanged quickly if necessary.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to a personal conversation.

Competence parity in the field and relief of your IT

Software development via ticket system is like economics according to the silent post principle. The competence of your IT should not lie in interpreting the needs of your departments. Create free IT resources and bring agile dynamics back to the source of competence – to the actual department. Without any understanding of programming or complicated training seminars, your specialist departments suddenly become able to act at a completely new level – and also enjoy it!

We only find the right tools for you!

Class instead of mass –
Try instead of risk!

Each tool performs a special task. We help with the selection, network the interfaces and integrate your processes. This creates new workflows that make fun! We build these in parallel with your productive operation – without risk! Your existing processes will not be interrupted. The most important thing: We leave you ready to go!

Our toolbox for digitisation

What our customers say

“uNaice has a broad knowledge of processes, how to digitalise them with modern tools to facilitate work and introducing them in the company.

The workshop ‘Rent-a-CDO’ really paid off for me and my company. The knowledge was well conveyed and the tools were not only introduced, but also trained immediately.”

Andreas Herzog

Managing Director, start!up consulting GmbH


“We are process optimisers and efficient and well organized, but today we have learned a lot. In this workshop, our processes have been ‘translated’ into the digital world and simplified. That’s what I had been looking for for a long a time!
This is the foundation for the independent further development of the company and for the reduction of costs in the long term.
It was great!”

Doris Paulus

Managing Director, Paulus Lager GmbH


“The know-how as well as the structured and professional way of working in the implementation of the digitalisation project in our company were particularly impressive for me.
uNaice has not only shown us new ways here, but has also actively supported us in the implementation of the project.”

Alexander Petsch

Managing Director, boerding messe GmbH & Co KG


“This was a very innovative and constructive workshop all around. Everything we have learned and implemented is right in the tune of time!
Our sales process has been completely redesigned with practical support and the enormous expertise of uNaice.
Now we are much more efficient and the team is fully motivated.”

Miguel Rodriguez

Head of Purchasing and Authorised Representative, SYNAXON AG


“These workshop modules are both enlightening as well as refreshing. uNaice have enabled us to convert our organisation into flexible information and communication channels and at the same time to enrich the expectations of young professionals and established colleagues with pleasure. The collaboration afterwards was also top-notch – our absolute recommendation!”

Jan Westerbarkey

CEO, Westaflex Group


“The digitalisation project was carried out in workshops precisely and cleanly. We are very satisfied with uNaice and the collaboration with Christian Meyer and Andreas Wenninger.

We would be happy to recommend your offer for the digitalisation of sales processes.”

Jörg Schüler

Owner, Jörg Schüler Coaching | Consulting

Our tool selection is compliant with GDPR

The European General Data Protection Regulation creates security and trust for your customers and the end user, but it also poses new challenges for companies in digitalisation. We make sure that your tool selection meets all requirements.

We come to you and leave you ready to go!

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