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New Customers through Editorial Content – Automated

We bring up-to-date & relevant news about your topics to your website.

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Stay in conversation – your customers love content!

Whether you offer raw materials, components, products or services. Your customers are particularly interested in related content. You discuss and share these topics on social media and thus bring new interested visitors to your website. Our News Stream offers you an automated content aggregation that finds relevant sources on the net and tirelessly connects up-to-date news on your site.

Benefit from a new stream of visitors

Unlike an advertising campaign via Google Adsense, you don’t incur any cost per contact or lead. A well-maintained news section on your website offers attractive and up-to-date contributions to new visitors and regular customers. The topic area is based on your wishes and automatically ensures relevance to the right target group. Best of all, our News Stream automatically pushes your content into your social media channels, where they can be visible and shared.

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Lack of resources? Automation!

Hand on heart: When did you publish the latest news on your topic on your own website? And in what regularity does this happen? Do you lack time, resources and nerves to take care of it?
With the automation of your news production, you never have to worry about all this again!

Your personal, automatic editing

New content every day

News Stream is at heart of our intelligent news aggregator. The cloud-based system researches daily, around the clock up-to-date articles and reports from relevant news portals on the Internet. Quality assurance is paramount – guaranteed by our team of experienced editors. You don’t need any additional staff, your own editorial staff is completely freed from content production.

Selection by sources and keywords

You can define the sources of your messages exactly – or have us do some research. Our intelligent system sorts the messages based on keywords and ensures a reliable limitation to your subject area and your target group (buyer persona). Up to 50 individual keywords can be defined. Connections are also possible – for example, competitors and their products can be specifically excluded from reporting.

Push & automatic distribution

News Stream automatically maintains your social media channels with new content. Optionally, a suitable introduction is even written fully automatically – a connection to our text robot makes it possible. You can freely determine the delivery channels: Facebook, Twitter, Xing or LinkedIn. Through this dissemination, you can keep in touch and benefit from lead generation via social media. News Stream makes it possible without any additional staff!

Reserve an appointment for a personal demo. We’ll show you for free how the automatic News Stream works.

Process & Integration


Define keywords and narrow the topic


Specify or research sources


Configuration of the news aggregator by us


Quality assurance by the uNaice editorial team


Connection to your site* and social media channels


1x a month: control and maintenance of the springs

* WordPress is required to integrate and play content to your website

Until News Stream also provides content production for you, we accompany you and optionally take all steps from you.

uNaice is dedicated to finding tools to simplify and automate your business, especially in terms of content. Our own need for better tools and relief was the driving force. We have achieved this goal and will be happy to help you with our knowledge.


Time & Cost efficient

News Stream is faster and cheaper than content marketing from your own editorial team.


Daily fresh content

News Stream provides your website with new content 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



No human resources are required. After setup, News Stream is virtually maintenance-free.

Editorial competence

You always receive high-quality topics through the editorial care of the sources by uNaice.


In your monthly reporting you will receive all relevant and valuable key figures.

Filter option*

With up to 50 keywords, the content can be narrowed down very precisely or be excluded.


Enhance your website with content that exactly matches your theme and its audience.

Social content

News Stream automatically pushes your social media channels with relevant content.

* Tip: Configure an internal news stream and keep a close eye on competitor reporting by selecting keywords.

Or directly view prices & packages for the News Stream.

News Stream + Text Robot – for personal contact

Our text robot writes automated texts – and better than some editors. In the team with News Stream, he becomes your personal community editor and writes a personal introduction to each aggregated news message – always new, always tailored to your target group and always friendly and error-free!

News Stream in practice

Doubling the number of visitors

At uNaice we use our News Stream to find news and articles about digitization and to compile them for our customers. Our news section went online in September 2015 and provided an immediate stream of new visitors. Traffic had more than doubled. Desired effect: The new users not only browsed our article section but also navigated to our product pages.

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