Data Studio
Intelligent & Automated
Data Processing

We extract, normalize and structure your data from texts, tables and databases in machine-readable form

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A new data structure

Tables are no longer up-to-date

Two-dimensional data structures are inflexible and can represent only a fraction of the information depth that modern web applications require. Mostly manually filled, they are also prone to inconsistencies, errors, and impure data sets.

Automatic extraction without manual processing

By algorithmic data analysis using machine learning techniques, we extract your relevant inventory data from any source such as tables and texts. This also detects impure information pairings, such as a color description that is hidden in a table field for general information. The entire process is automated.

The DNA of your data: Attributes & Values

A new data collection is formed from the extracted data from all sources. This complements and normalizes automatically. In this data preparation, logical links are formed that grow into a comprehensive and potentially complete data structure that contains only clean and machine-readable attribute-value pairings.

Ontology as a new structure

Instead of a rigid table, we organize your new data structure as an ontology – a method in the field of artificial intelligence. The intelligent system is rule-based and draws on a huge amount of experience from already completed, topic-related data sorting, but can also be flexibly adapted to every need with individual rules.

Why our structure is really superior

Unlike texts and tables that can represent one- or maximum two-dimensional logic connections, the ontology as an intelligent system is capable of mapping a multidimensional data structure. In general, this creates a higher-quality and cleaner information density.
A real-world example: Attributes that are shared between multiple product groups (such as color or material) only need to be maintained once and are then globally available.

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Data Studio is the foundation for the future of automation

Your new data structure enables searches in natural language, automatic text creation, product recommendations as well as modern filter & comparison options for your customers. By the way, you are optimally positioned for future use of AI-based applications.

Enrichment, Normalization & Some Magic

Intelligent enrichment through logic and any sources

Every rule and logic of your ontology only has to be created once – after that it is a permanent institution and works for you completely automatically with always optimal results. New data sources (e.g. from suppliers) are reliably brought into your desired form. At the push of a button and again and again! In addition, attributes that are logical can be added automatically. If something completely new comes along that the logic cannot represent, a new rule is simply added to cover this circumstance. There is never a need to manually enter a record again.

Automatic normalization of comparable values

Impure data is information that exists but is not uniform or comparable. This includes different units, terms in other languages, or often spelling mistakes. These apparently marginal imperfections stand in your way in modern applications such as product recommendations, comparisons and searches. The bounce rate of customers who can’t find what they’re looking for is increasing. Data Studio resolves this inconsistent and impure data and creates a clean, normalized data structure.

Your data structure is becoming more and more intelligent

Data Studio learns and provides insights in your ontology. For example, synonyms and names from other languages are used to enrich and improve your data. Frequent misspellings can be valuable information for applications, such as a product search. In addition, each data point is provided with any meta-information that enriches your processes. For example, this can be a weight for sorting or inheriting attributes.

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Your data can be more –
We will make you fit for the future.

Your investment in data studio is an investment in a secure data future. With ontology as the basis for machine-readable data, you can sit back: you are securely positioned for future challenges of digitalization in your industry.

We accompany you on your way to the new data structure and optionally take all steps from you.

uNaice is committed to automating and simplifying business tasks. The driving force was the own need for optimal tools. We have reached this goal today and are happy to help you with the knowledge gained to more control and better processes.

Features & Technology

Easy start

Your ongoing processes will not be interrupted. Existing data will remain in live operation. The data processing takes place in parallel. We take over the hosting.

Cost effective

The effort required to add new entries and information to your data structure is reduced to almost zero. Data Studio and your ontology work for you.

Time to Market

Data (e.g. from suppliers) is brought into the desired form at the push of a button and this is repeated over and over again. Products are created and updated in no time.


Your data preparation only needs to be set up once. After that, the automated process is maintenance-free. New raw data is reliably used for enrichment or stored as new entries in a unified manner – again and again.


Data Studio is there to take work from you. The data sources that are entered for construction or enrichment are completely free in form.
Or more simply: we can turn everything into a good data structure.




The hosting of the automatically processed and stored data is done by us. The direct connection is ideally via the REST API. Optionally, there are various export options for transfer back to your local (PIM) system.

Your personal proof of concept

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We will show you what is possible with your data!
In a short analysis, you will find out which data can be processed once and permanently – incl. Cost forecast. This will give you the security for a decision-making basis and has then already created the foundation for a later implementation.



We will pay the fee for the software licence during the Proof of Concept.

Subsequent implementation
If you decide to prepare by us according to the proof of concept, you already have the cost analysis in your hands. The exact cost of the one-time processing of your data is determined during the proof of concept. (+ month. Software license of €
279,- )

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Your complete data tool chain

uNaice helps you build a complete tool chain to get into complete automation.

Data Studio

Extracts, normalises and structures your data from text, tables, and databases into machine-readable form. The optimal base for a data-driven future.

Your Database & Ontology

Your product ontology is hosted by us. Processed data can be transferred directly via the REST API or on demand by an export function.

Semantic Search

The Semantic Product Search Function that understands its customers: Complex search queries in natural language are understood and mapped in a highly precise manner.

Text Robot

Transforms structured data into text for customers and search engines: The Text Robot can write product descriptions, mailings, articles etc. according to your specifications.