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What we do.

uNaice helps companies solve their challenges in the areas of content, podcasts and process digitization.

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We solve your content production challenges with the text robot and help you with Automated Blogging and News Stream,automatically bringing content to your websites. In addition, you can book us as a specialist (Rent a CDO) to digitize your sales and marketing processes. And if you want to dramatically speed up the workflow when producing a corporate podcast, you should definitely contact us.

What we stand for.

We are professional digitizers and see ourselves as specialists in the areas of content, online marketing and sales.

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We are a company specializing in the topics of digitization and automation, based in Werther. Since our foundation in 2015, we have successfully collaborated in a wide range of consulting and implementation projects for over 100 clients in the fields of e-commerce, agencies, law firms, franchisors, or management consulting. Our outstanding expertise in the digital environment is what distinguishes us in particular.

How we help.

We use state-of-the-art technologies in companies. We always keep an eye on your challenges and goals.

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  • Use of text robots for e-commerce, publishing and functional texting
  • News streams to automatically push relevant news about your topics to your website
  • Setup and workflow consulting for corporate podcasts
  • Rent a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
  • Moderation and lectures

That’s how it works.

We attach great importance to a well-founded initial consultation, which is completely non-binding for you. It is important to us that all your first questions are fully resolved.

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    • Based on your product, customer or other data, a text robot in up to 26 languages produces 500,000 unique and SEO-relevant texts per hour.
    • Based on text robot technology, we help you to create blogs whose content is generated automatically.
    • With the help of a news stream, we bring highly automated relevant messages tailored to your topics on your website and push them into your social channels.
    • We digitize and automate sales and marketing processes with state-of-the-art tools.
    • One of our other specialties: We open up the world of corporate podcasts to you.


We are regularly looking for dedicated digitalization fans (m/f) who actively support us in the further development of our solutions.

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Here you can find our current job applications:

  • Copywriter with a soft spot for data (m/f) for the Text robot product area
  • Sales Assistant (m/f) for sales support in the Text Robots product area

We are also happy to accept unsolicited applications.

Are you ready?

We are! Contact us via the form at the bottom of the page, write an e-mail to
ja-ich-will@unaice.de or call us on +49 5203 99 88 0 10.

Rosella Wenninger

Managing Partner
E: rosella.wenninger@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 012

M: +49 173 94 44 624

Fields of competence

Project management, data specialist, data analysis and text concept for text robot projects, development lead strategy, lead campaigns, content building, development buyer persona, development of services as a product.


Rosella Wenninger entered the marketing and fundraising industry after completing an apprenticeship as a tax specialist, several stays abroad and successfully studying at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences as a business economist.

After stints at ServicePlan, HILTI, fundraising agency PPP and the Institute of Fundraising in London, she last built the permanent donation area and the online marketing for the world hunger relief.

Website building, phone marketing, mailings, lead campaigns, SEO and Google Adwords campaigns were her responsibilities for than a decade.

She trained for inbound and content marketing at the HubspotAcademy.

Christian Meyer

Managing Partner
E: christian.meyer@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 033

M: +49 176 98 78 9000

Fields of competence
Digital media, social media, content marketing, digitization, robot journalism, automated text generation, online marketing, marketing strategy, content production and management, podcasting, publishing, editorial management, consulting.

After completing his career as an officer and studying mechanical engineering at the University of the Bundeswehr and undergoing sound training at the Munich School of Journalism, Christian Meyer began his work as an editor in the specialist journal field. in Augsburg at the vmm-Verlag.

In 1995, he became founding editor of the Munich-based IT industry publication” ChannelPartner“, of which he was editor-in-chief until 2011. Subsequently, as editorial director, he was responsible for the B2B online portals of the publications COMPUTERWOCHE, CIO and TecChannel,which are also part of the IDG publishing house.

He is also the founder, producer & publisher of the IT industry podcastChannelcast,which reaches over 9,000 listeners per month.

Andreas Wenninger

Managing Partner
E: andreas.wenninger@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 015

M: +49 171 49 29 922

Fields of competence
Strategy development, digitization, process design, process optimization, product development, digital automation, organizational development, sales organization, online marketing, CIP, Six-Sigma, NLP, Leadership.

After completing a commercial training, several stays abroad and studying at the LMU Munich, Andreas Wenninger initially joined the board as managing partner of a PC-SPEZIALISTfranchise in Munich.SYNAXON-G.

Shortly after the opening of his second franchise store in 2000, he became a member of the Board of Management of SYNAXON AG and was COO for the management, management and organization of the operational business in the areas of software development, marketing, purchasing and partner acquisition. responsible.

Andreas Wenninger volunteers with the economic juniors of East Westphalia, in the Lionsclub Bielefeld “Leineweber” and was a member of the executive committee of the ” Central Association ofIndustrial Associations“.

Arne Pritzner
Project leader text robots, text editor, data analysis

E: arne.pritzner@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 030

Fields of competence

Data jongleur, communications professional for press, advertising and e-commerce

Leena from the farm
Text editing, data analysis, editing, translation

E: leena-vomhofe@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 036

Fields of competence

Marketing, product texts, advertising texts, SEO, quality assurance

Nick Kallee
Text Automation &
Data Specialist

E: nick.kallee@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 020

Fields of competence

Consulting, Sales, Marketing & Communication, E-Commerce, Digitization, CRM, Networking

Anna-Lena Schmitt
Programming text robots,
Data Analysis

E: anna-lena.schmitt@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 022

Fields of competence
Computer linguistics, linguistics, text robots, languages, ATML3, translation

Shelley Obery
Programming text robots, user data analysis, training

E: shelley.obery@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 034

Fields of competence
ATML3, programming, web development, translation

Alexander Schiller
Content Consultant
News Stream

E: alexander.schiller@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 010

Fields of competence

Digitization, Automation, News Stream, Online Marketing, Communication, Networking

Joshua Gerstel
Sales Assistant

E: joshua.gerstel@unaice.de

Fields of competence

texting, editing, programming,
Java, SQL

Christian Arzberger
Text editor, editor, data analysis

E: christian.arzberger@unaice.de

Fields of competence

Text, Data Journalism, Content Marketing, SEO

Nina Möller
Sales Support Manager

E: nina.moeller@unaice.de

Fields of competence

Assistant to Management, Sales & Marketing, Back Office



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