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About us

How do you pronounce “uNaice”? And what does the name uNaice mean?
In fact, people ask us this all the time. The answer:

Influenced by experiences in the past where a lot of money had been spent on finding a good name, and always ending up using the one idea one had in mind before anyway, we decided to take a more pragmatic approach to finding a name.
We used a platform – that doesn’t exist anymore – and fed it all the buzzwords we stand for. Thus, the name “uNaice” was generated (pronounced “younice“).
It contains “You are nice” – that’s what our customers say. That’s true, because this slogan is the keystone for our collaboration with everyone we meet. Otherwise we could also just not bother.
You can also interpret it as “una ice”. Though, linguistically, it’s complete nonsense, we look at it this way: After the successful collaboration there will be icecream for everyone. For us, it definitely fits.
Why is the “N” in “uNaice” written as a capital letter? Well, we had to stand out. Additionally, the domain names were still available and the name also works internationally. So that’s it. Fast and streamlined implementation. That’s what makes us tick.

What we do

We help companies in mastering current and future challenges of the digital era and thus boost their business. We automate content creation with great content, optimised data structuring as well as product searches and take sales and marketing processes to new and unprecedented levels of productivity.


What we stand for

Our motivation is to strive for optimal workflows. We accelerate processes and simplify the necessary effort. Since our founding in 2015, we have worked on over 250 consulting projects and implementations with E-commerce companies, franchise providers, agencies and offices..

How we will help you

We bring the latest technologies to your company and stay until everything works smoothly – you will be surprised how quickly this can be done! Text Robot for automated content production, News Streams for aggregation and release of relevant news on your topic or the best search function your online shop will ever see.

Consultation & support – from the first meeting up until the last handshake

We attach great importance to a sound initial consultation, which is completely non-binding for you. It is important to us that all your initial questions are fully answered. If you’re going to employ us, we will be at your side during the whole project – no matter if it’s the Text Robot, Semantic Search, Data Studio, a News Stream or ‘Rent a CDO’. When we are finished you will be ready for takeoff!


Rosella Wenninger

Managing Partner
E: rosella.wenninger@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 012

M: +49 173 94 44 624


Project Management, Data Specialist, Data Analysis and textual concept for Text Robot projects, development of Lead Strategies, Lead Campaigns, Content Creation, development of Buyer Personas, development of services as a product


Rosella Wenninger entered the marketing and fundraising industry after completing an apprenticeship as a tax specialist, several stays abroad and successfully studying at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences as a business economist (Diplom-Betriebswirtin).

After stints at ServicePlan, HILTI, fundraising agency PPP and the Institute of Fundraising in London, she built the permanent donation area and the online marketing for the Welthungerhilfe (World Hunger Relief).

Website Building, Phone Marketing, Mailings, Lead Campaigns, SEO and Google AdWords campaigns were her responsibilities already more than ten years ago.

She trained for inbound and content marketing at the Hubspot Academy.

Christian Meyer

Managing Partner
E: christian.meyer@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 033

M: +49 176 98 78 9000

Digital Media, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digitalisation, Robot Journalism, Automated Text Generation, Online Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Production and Management, Podcasting, Publishing, Editorial Management, Consulting

After completing his career as an officer and studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Bundeswehr and undergoing in-depth training at the Munich School of Journalism, Christian Meyer began his work as an editor in the specialist journal field in Augsburg at the vmm-Verlag.

In 1995, he became founding editor of the Munich-based IT industry publication “ChannelPartner”, of which he was editor-in-chief until 2011. Subsequently, as editorial director, he was responsible for the B2B online portals of the publications COMPUTERWOCHE, CIO and TecChannel, which are also part of the IDG publishing house.

He is also the founder, producer & publisher of the IT industry podcast ‘Channelcast’, which reaches over 9,000 listeners per month.

Andreas Wenninger

Managing Partner
E: andreas.wenninger@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 015

M: +49 171 49 29 922

Strategy Development, Digitalisation, Process Design, Process Optimisation, Product Development, Digital Automation, Organisational Development, Sales Organisation, Online Marketing, CIP, Six-Sigma, NLP, Leadership

After completing a commercial training, several stays abroad and studying at the LMU Munich, Andreas Wenninger initially joined the board of a PC-SPEZIALIST franchise in Munich as managing partner in the SYNAXON Group.

Shortly after the opening of his second franchise store in 2000, he became a member of the Board of Management of SYNAXON AG and, as COO, was responsible for the management, direction and organisation of the operational business in the areas of software development, marketing, purchasing and partner acquisition.

Andreas Wenninger is a volunteer with the Wirtschaftsjunioren Ostwestfalen (economic juniors of East Westphalia), with the Lionsclub Bielefeld “Leineweber” and was a member of the executive committee of the “Zentralverband geweblicher Verbundgruppen” (Central Association ofIndustrial Associations).


Younes Hicham

Sales Manager

E: younes.hicham@unaice.de

T: +49 5203 99 88 011



Leena vom Hofe

Text Robot, Data Analysis, Data Preparation, Conception, Editorial Office, Proofreading

E: leena.vom-hofe@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010


Marketing, Product Descriptions, Advertisement Text, SEO, Quality Assurance

Anna-Lena Schmitt

Text Robot – Programming, Data Studio, Data Analysis and Preparation,
Quality Assurance

E: anna-lena.schmitt@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010

ATML3, Computational Linguistics, Linguistics, Languages, Translation, Proofreading
Stefanie Reinhold

Stefanie Reinhold

Text Robot – Data Analysis, Textual Conception, Copywriting & Proofreading

E: stefanie.reinhold@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010


Data Specialist, Product Descriptions, Advertisement Text, SEO, Content Marketing

Sandra Höfer

Text Robot – Data Analysis, Computational Linguistics, Data Studio

E: sandra.hoefer@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010


ATML3, Data Analysis, Quality Assurance,Computational Linguistics, Linguistics

Alexander Schiller

Content Consultant, Text Robot, Data Studio, News-Stream

E: alexander.schiller@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010


Digitalisation, Automation, News Stream, Online Marketing, Communications, Networking

Christina Schönfuß

Christina Schönfuß

Text Robot – Project Management, Data Analysis, Conception
E: christina.schoenfuss@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 022


Text, Data Journalism, Content Marketing, SEO

Nina Möller

Sales Support Manager &
Back Office

E: nina.moeller@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 014


Assistant to Management, Sales & Marketing, Back Office

Julia Bernstein

Project Lead Online Marketing and Campaign Manager

E: julia.bernstein@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010


Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Controlling

Mareike Bartelt

Mareike Bartelt

Content Marketing Manager
E: mareike.bartelt@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010


Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Online Events, SEO, Upselling

Paul Lück NEU

Paul Lück

Text Robot, Data Analysis and Consulting, Conception, Programming
E: paul.lueck@unaice.de

P: +49 5203 99 88 010


ATML3, Data Analysis, Quality Assurance

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